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Bridgespan Social Impact Publications about Impact Investing

Our work includes in-depth articles and reports on getting started with impact investing, the role it can play in the world, and how to measure its effectiveness. We publish in a number of leading business and social-impact publications, including the Harvard Business Review and ImpactAlpha.

Capricorn Investment Group

Capricorn’s Sustainable Investors Fund makes early-stage investments in innovative asset-management firms to help propel their work on environmental and social issues.

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Venture Capital’s Next Unicorn? Impact

As more venture capitalists fund entrepreneurs who strive to make a difference for people and the planet, they’re finding impact measurement to be a thorny problem. A simple framework can help them become better impact investors.

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Calculating the Value of Impact Investing

Impact investing—directing capital to ventures that are expected to yield social and environmental benefits as well as profits—provides investors with a way to “do well by doing good.” But whereas the business world has tools for estimating a potential investment’s

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